Nitrophoska Special

N: 12.0% P: 5.2% K: 14.1% S: 8.0% Mg: 1.2% Boron: 0.02% Zinc: 0.01%

Nitrophoska® Special is a nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertiliser providing targeted, balanced nutrition and more uniform delivery of nutrients, to help maximise crop yields.

The nutrients in Nitrophoska Special are contained in every granule, ensuring there are no problems with nutrient segregation during transport or application.

Nitrophoska Special also contains calcium (Ca), as well as traces of copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), and molybdenum (Mo).

The nitrate nitrogen and water soluble form of the key nutrients allow quick plant uptake for optimal plant establishment.

The potassium in Nitrophoska Special is free from harsh chlorides, making it ideal for use on salt affected soils and chloride sensitive crops such as lettuce, beans, carrots, peas, onions and celery.

Benefits of using Nitrophoska 

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Even nutrient distribution to help maximise crop yields
  • Uniform granule size for even spreader application, promoting even crop growth and produce quality
  • Rapid release of nutrients in the soil following night dew or as little as 3mm of rain
  • Minimal nitrogen losses to the atmosphere when surface applied
  • Chloride free for crop safety
  • A high quality resin treated granular fertiliser for free-flowing, precise application and ease of storage
  • A near neutral pH for better availability of nutrient to plants.

Nitrophoska is suitable for base applications and top dressing of most horticultural crops including fruits, grapes, ornamentals and vegetables.

Download the Nitrophoska Special brochure for information on application guidelines. 

ENTEC Nitrophoska Special is now available for enhanced efficiencies in application, yield and quality of produce.

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Nitrophoska Special

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