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    For more information about Nutrient Advantage, please contact the Nutrient Advantage Help Desk on 1800 803 453 or contact your local Incitec Pivot Fertiliser Agent or Dealer.

    Sampling Instructions

    The accuracy of your soil, plant tissue and water results are dependent on a number of factors. These factors are as much to do with the quality of sampling procedures and protocols employed at the laboratory as the manner in which samples are handled and stored.

    The sampling guides below will assist you to obtain accurate representative samples, as well as recommend the most appropriate methods of handling and storing your soil, plant tissue and water samples. Employing these procedures will ensure that you get the most benefit out of our Nutrient Advantage service.

    Horticulture Soil Sampling Procedure
    Cropping Soil Sampling Procedure
    Pasture Soil Sampling Procedure
    Sugarcane Soil Sampling Procedure
    Plant Tissue Sampling Procedure
    Water Sampling Procedure
    Compost & Manure Sampling Procedure

    Sampling Equipment Suppliers

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