Big N

Precise nitrogen delivery


BIG N® fertiliser fits into a wide range of modern farming practices, allowing farmers to work smarter, not harder.

BIG N is anhydrous ammonia, a highly concentrated nitrogen fertiliser. Nitrogen makes up 82.25% of anhydrous ammonia, with hydrogen making up the remaining 17.75% component of BIG N.

Widely used in broadacre crops such as cotton, BIG N is applied as a gas or in liquid form using modified conventional application equipment. The high concentration of nitrogen ensures growers can cover more ground per tonne of fertiliser with BIG N, resulting in higher efficiency at application.

Although stored as a liquid, BIG N is released into the soil as a mixture of gas and liquid at high pressure in the course of conventional applications. BIG N is also compatible with precision application systems for variable rate application.

BIG N can be applied at almost all growth stages when nitrogen will be needed by the crop, such as before and at planting, as a side dress application or water-run in irrigated crops.

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