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Highly efficient, concentrated phosphorus

Ideal for pastures, grain legumes and hort blends

With 18% Phosphorus, PhosBoss is applied at half the rate of SSP, reducing freight cost by half and doubling the amount applied per load. This can save money, time and effort.

Season-long, plant available sulphur

PhosBoss contains two forms of sulphur - 20% S in sulphate form; mobile and immediately plant-available to stimulate early pasture growth. 80% elemental S form, protected from leaching by heavy rains, which bacteria breaks down to the available form over time. PhosBoss contains a high-quality fine elemental S, with a range particle sizes calibrated so majority of S supplied will steadily become available over the pasture growing season.

Ideal P:S ratio for legume based pastures

PhosBoss granules contain a compound of 2:1 P to S, the ideal ratio for growing legume based pastures. Work by NSW Ag* has shown that a P:S ratio of 2:1 with about 80% of the S in a fine elemental form is the ideal combination for the majority of legume based pastures. *Graham Meine

Uniform spread of all nutrients

Smaller and more even granules means even though PhosBoss is applied at half the rate of SSP, the granules applied per square metre is the same as an equivalent rate of SSP, giving every plant good access to the nutrients needed. Other high-P fertilisers need to be blended with 5-10% sulphur bentonite to spike up the S. This provides elemental S in a small concentrated patches per sqm, which not all plants can access. Every PhosBoss granule has P and both sulphate S and elemental S so every plant has a granule in close proximity supplying the right balance of P and S throughout the entire growing season.

Flexible application as a straight or in blends

While PhosBoss alone will supply an ideal ratio of P and S for most pasture situations, in some soils Sulphur may be particularly deficient. PhosBoss can be blended with SuPerfect to increase the proportion of S supplied, and unlike sulphur bentonite blends, a PhosBoss/SuPerfect blend provides a high number of granules per square metre with P and S in every granule. Other nutrients may also be required and PhosBoss can be blended or coated with a wide range of IPF fertilisers and trace elements. 

For more information about PhosBoss, contact your agronomist or contact Incitec Pivot Fertlisers on 1800 009 832.

 *Modelling of CNPS cycling in grazed pastures by McCaskill and Blair (1988)