Careers Overview

Incitec Pivot is a chemical manufacturer supplying agricultural fertilisers and industrial chemicals for Australian and overseas markets.  It offers employment opportunities in a vast array of disciplines including Manufacturing, Engineering, Agronomy, Finance, Information Technology, Sales, Legal, and Human Resources.

First listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2003, Incitec Pivot became part of the S&P/ASX200 Index in September 2006, and further continued its progress until, in August 2007, Incitec Pivot joined Australia's leading companies in the S&P/ASX100 Index.

The Company operates a phosphate mine in Queensland, plants in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, and has a distribution network stretching from the Northern Territory to Tasmania.

By supplying more than 50 percent of Australia's agricultural nutrient needs, our Company plays an essential role in helping farmers increase productivity and remain internationally competitive. 

Manufacturing Strength
Our manufacturing strength gives the Company unequalled capacity to meet the market's needs across a wide product range serving all major farming sectors.  These products include urea, ammonium phosphates, superphosphate, and anhydrous ammonia, which are variously applied as solids in granulated form, as liquid nutrients or as a gas injected in to the soil.

Distribution Network
These Australian-manufactured fertilisers, along with imported products, are sold through a comprehensive network of 450 strategically located business partners.

Supporting Incitec Pivot's manufacturing, distribution and product strengths are our NATA-accredited Nutrient Advantage soil, plant and water-testing laboratory and highly regarded agronomic services.

Environmental and Community Awareness
In all of its activities, Incitec Pivot takes its environmental and community responsibilities seriously across the manufacture and handling of our products and their sustainable use on farm.  To this end, the Company is fully accredited with the Fertilizer Industry Federation of Australia's national training and accreditation program, Fertcare.

International Trading
In addition to sales across eastern and southern Australia, Incitec Pivot exports significant volumes of fertilisers to overseas markets through its newly established trading arm, Southern Cross International.  In 2007, the Company increased its international trade substantially, including the sale of 120,000 tonnes of superphosphate to new markets in South America.

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As a chemical manufacturer supplying agricultural fertilisers and industrial chemicals for the Australian and overseas market, Incitec Pivot offers a range of career opportunities, as well as programs for Graduates and Apprentices.

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Working for Us
At Incitec Pivot our people are our most valuable asset, and we encourage those that show the ability and desire to grow.  Our Own.Breakout.Deliver values help to ensure that Incitec Pivot remains a responsible and responsive company with a clearly defined culture.

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Careers Overview

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