With harvesting under way in potatoes, now is a good time to start planning your nutrient requirements for the next crop. This starts with soil testing to understand the nutrients available in the soil and limitations to be addressed.

Correct nutrition management is essential for achieving high yields of quality macadamias and avocados and most growers work with a local agronomist to help them manage and refine their fertiliser programs.

Improved fertiliser efficiency and reduced nitrogen losses could be just the start for vegetable growers adopting ENTEC® as part of their fertiliser programs.

New trial data is confirming that nitrogen can improve the performance of mungbean crops for growers seeking to maximise yields and returns.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers offers a range of high quality fertilisers to Australian vegetable growers, including the high quality Nitrophoska Special® and thousands of fertiliser blends. The question is: which is better?

As growers continue to replace wheat in their rotation with chickpeas to capitalise on higher market prices, there’s a growing need to update fertiliser programs – or face nutrient run down. Bede O’Mara, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ sub-tropical farming systems agronomist, says one of the major differences between growing wheat and chickpeas is that chickpeas remove significantly more potassium.

There’s a building thirst for knowledge from growers about optimal nitrogen management in upland rice production in this emerging industry.

Vegetable growers know too well that crop nutrition is a key driver for achieving high yields and maximising returns from every land unit they farm.

Banana growers are being encouraged to make sure their fertiliser programs are the best they can be and aligned with Best Management Practice (BMP).