Yield increases following subsoil manuring are more likely to be driven by the nutrients supplied than the deep ripping process or the manure, according to a major subsoil manuring experiment in south-eastern Australia.

Agronomists were asked to consider the impact of sulphur leaching in an informative session led by Dr Chris Guppy during Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ recent Agronomy Community forums.

Australia’s leading authority on micronutrients has helped agronomists with ways to achieve better results from their fertiliser recommendations at Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ recent Agronomy Community forums.

Queensland’s $5 billion beef cattle industry is losing productivity because of the decline in phosphorus availability in brigalow soils and the lack of legume-based pastures.

The future of grain growing in Australia is at a crossroads, with cropping soils suffering from falling nitrogen and soil organic matter levels that may limit yields and returns to growers.