Practical guidance on improving nitrogen uptake in cane and reducing losses have been the focus of Incitec Pivot Fertilisers’ agronomy meetings for cane growers this season.

Improving the efficiency of nitrogen fertiliser in sugar cane is a challenging task. Growers must fertilise today to ensure maximum crop yields 12 months later, knowing little about what the weather will do to help or hinder the uptake of the fertiliser.

Leaching is the movement of nitrate nitrogen with water beyond the plant root zone. This dreaded drain can happen any time the amount of rainfall or irrigation on the block is more than the soil can hold internally.

Choosing the right nitrogen fertiliser for the right situation can make a big difference in cane yields. A particularly challenging situation for growers is when ratoon fertilisers are to be surface applied on to green cane trash blankets.

Matching nitrogen supply with demand is seen by some as the holy grail of enhanced efficiency fertilisers, but I tend to disagree.

ENTEC® is used by many cane growers to help minimise one of the most significant nitrogen loss pathways in cane – denitrification.

One of the great things about ENTEC® is that it helps improve nitrogen fertiliser efficiency both for your crops and the world around us.

All cane growers are being encouraged to use best practices and record them under the new Smartcane Best Management Practices (BMP).