Cal-Gran and Cal-Gran Aftergraze

Losing yield? Hold on to your nitrogen...


Cal-Gran® fertilisers were developed for a range of uses including ratoon cane in Queensland and northern New South Wales, along with horticultural crops and dairy pastures.

Cal-Gran contains 23.9% nitrogen, with 16.5% in the ammonium form and 7.4% as nitrate, as well as 10.8% sulphur and 4.4% calcium.

Cal-Gran fertilisers have been specially formulated to contain less than 45% ammonium nitrate, above which concentration fertilisers are classified as security sensitive ammonium nitrate (SSAN).

By using these products, farmers will be spared the trouble and expense of seeking an SSAN licence, and the ongoing diligence that is required to make SSAN fertilisers secure from theft.

The new Cal-Gran fertilisers will also be available in blends with phosphorus (as DAP) and potassium (as muriate of potash) where required.

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CalGran AfterGraze


  • A multi-nutrient fertiliser blend designed for pastures
  • Contains 20.6% nitrogen in the ammonium and nitrate forms
  • Supplies pastures with nitrate nitrogen
  • Contains some phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and calcium


  • Nitrate nitrogen is available for immediate use
  • The nitrogen form minimises the risk of volatilisation
  • Provides a balance of other nutrients needed to maintain pasture persistence and quality
  • Provides a boost to pastures post grazing

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